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PostSubject: Meat D'Lacy   Meat D'Lacy EmptyTue Jun 03, 2008 12:57 pm

I've just finished reading “Meat” and I found it disturbing and wonderful!

From debut novelist Joseph D'Lacey comes a disturbing and disgusting tale of a violent world ruled by corruption. This book makes you to take a look at something most people take for granted, what we eat! I can honestly say I am looking forward to reading more from this first time novelist!

I feel I should warn you however, that "Meat" May be something you never eat again after reading this horrifying tale. It is disgusting and filled with graphic imagery and violence. If these things bother you then put it down and walk away. If you think you can stomach this wonderfully horrid tale I must insist that you open the book!!!

I do not want to go into full detail and ruin this story for you before you even get the book open. I will try my best to explain it to you without spoiling the “Meat”Wink

Set in Abyrne, a town like most others where meat is depended upon and vital for many.
A corrupted church and powerful influences in the community spark a feud. What about you ask? Power! Sounds pretty normal, but far from I assure you.

The hero in this outstanding story is a regular working family man, who struggles daily with his plight, working in the slaughter house. His work weighs heavy on him and he punishes himself both physically and emotionally in an effort to cleanse his soul.

Of course the ‘cattle’ are not your average cattle. You will be in their minds and hearts as you voyage threw the pages.

D’Lacey helps you understand and feels you with compassion as well as dread and despair as you turn threw the pages.

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Meat D'Lacy
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