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PostSubject: The Outpost   Thu Jun 19, 2008 1:23 am


SO I was very excited for this movie. Ray Stevenson (HBO series Rome~Titus Pullo) is the lead as DC. There are no females in this film. Let me break it down for you...WWII military bunker in eastern european country. Merc's go in to "recover" and secure land. Hey what's down there???? BODIES!!!! Hey one's alive! Wait a minute, what's that on the wall???? A Nazi flag!!! This must be an old Nazi bunker and guess what?! They did medical experiments here. So what do these guys do...they turn on the old equipment. Guess what this does...IT MAKES NAZI ZOMBIES!!!!! It goes down hill from here. I thought 'What could be better...Nazi Zombies!!! Oh joy!' Boy was I wrong. Too much waiting not enough Zombie.

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