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 EVERY SIGH, THE END: A Schizophrenic Zombie Novel (out now!)

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PostSubject: EVERY SIGH, THE END: A Schizophrenic Zombie Novel (out now!)   Wed Feb 04, 2009 1:22 pm

Every Sigh, The End
A Schizophrenic Zombie Novel by Jason S. Hornsby
Ross Orringer is feeling a little paranoid. Watchers--some in radiation suits--take notes and discreetly videotape him on the street. His apartment is bugged. His mom has a stack of family videos that weren't filmed by the family. He's having memories of things that haven't happened yet. Ross very well may be insane.

The stage is set, the living dead are in place, and the director just yelled "Action!" Ross is playing the lead role in the apocalypse, but it's like nothing anyone has ever imagined.

Available for purchase now from many stores including:
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“Jason Hornsby’s Every Sigh, The End may be the best zombie novel I have read. It feels like a grand truth is peeking through the enigmatic and conspiratorial fog that suffuses the novel. It all seems to mean something…”
—Devon Kappa, None May Say
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EVERY SIGH, THE END: A Schizophrenic Zombie Novel (out now!)
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