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 Makeup session with Zombiewalk Düsseldorf and Bobs Gelatine Recipe (Thx thx thx!!!!)

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PostSubject: Makeup session with Zombiewalk Düsseldorf and Bobs Gelatine Recipe (Thx thx thx!!!!)   Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:51 am

Filmed Sunday 17th January

"The following documentary is about violent horror videos and the try to ban the films for home use by legal restrictions"

Guy with Mowhawk:
Hello and welcome to the first show of Duesseldorf be my guest at my improvised studio (living room)."

qoute from the documentary:

"There was once a day when a 8 yr old girl came into the store and wanted to have a zombie movie, this is a movie with living corpses"

Then a friend interrupted us (we rly just started shooting) grabbed him for a headshot and used him as number girl^^.

Female Voice after Take 4 "Damm you moron, thats called Braiiiins, not Raaaisins!"

The endcredits close with quotes from the documentary called "mama papa zombie" from 1984. The girl who told earlier about the 8 yr old girl also says that youth protectors found the girl in her mothers flat and she had a 3 yr old sister who only could say this words "mami papa zombie". Then a Teacher asks "so now you have seen this disgusting video, what do you feel"
"disgusting" "im sick" "i didnt get what this had to do with zombies" and last but not least "this film sucked".
(Qoutes from the documentary from a scene where city of the living dead was shown)

Thanks for watching!

We were filming a makeup Tutorial and some guy interrrupted. We used him too.

The quotes were taken from a documentary from 1984, its about german censorship. My apologies about the missing subs, its just a look at how we did a Zombie, we filmed a day and thats the result.
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Makeup session with Zombiewalk Düsseldorf and Bobs Gelatine Recipe (Thx thx thx!!!!)
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