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PostSubject: Interview " THE BLACK CHERRY BOMBSHELLS"   Interview " THE BLACK CHERRY BOMBSHELLS" EmptySun May 04, 2008 9:32 pm

Q - Tell us about your current and future projects.
A - Currently our web comic, The Black Cherry Bombshells is competing for a publishing contract with DC Comics.

If we win The Black Cherry Bombshells will become an ongoing title at

Q - What's the premise behind The Black Cherry Bombshells and what do you feel sets it apart from other Books about Zombies?
A - 'The Black Cherry Bombshells' is the tale of ultra-violent girl gangs fighting for supremacy of a doomed future. There; every man on Earth has been mutated into a flesh eating zombie. The Black Cherry Bombshells - wild, tattooed bandits - are gaining a reputation as the baddest bootleggers in Las Vegas. That doesn't sit well with the local crime boss; the woman they call 'The King.'

The zombies are just part of the world these gangs inhabit. They're a fact of life and the girls have to deal with them in order to do business and survive. The smarter gangs know how to use the zombies to their advantage.

Our story is very personal. It's really about a bunch of women and what it takes for them to get by under these extreme circumstances. The characters are what's most important about our zombie epic.

Q - What gave you the idea to write using strictly women as the hero's and foes?
A - We actually started with the idea that of an all female cast.

Then we tried to find a genre we thought might be considered traditionally male and see what would happen.

Q - We at SaveZombies feel zombies should have equal rights have you ever thought of having some zombies as hero's as well?
A - That's a great idea. Maybe the Zombies can be trained. If you check out the comic you'll see The King keeps the undead as pets.

Q - Can you tell us more about the characters?
A - Certainly!

Regina - The leader, tough and smart. She was abandoned at a very young age and learned to survive without the aid of anyone. She's the Tarzan of this world, disconnected from humanity but perfectly in tune to this new environment.

Megan - The new girl. She was a magician on the las vegas strip before the apocalypse. What she's been up to since then is a mystery that she's not too eager to reveal.

Starbuck - Second in command, the loyal action hero. She's the muscle of the group, she's got the most physical strength. She speaks for power, she can afford to be aloof and cool.

Frankie - Despite her murderous tendencies, she's the sweet heart. She's quick to befriend Megan. She was the new girl once so she knows what it's like to have to put up with Angel.

Angel - Wild Card, the bad ass. She's defensive and on edge. Angel has a huge chip on her shoulder, she doesn't trust Megan but that's not because of some keen instinct, she just doesn't trust anyone.

Q - Where can people find your comic?
A -, More specifically here []

Q - What is Zuda?
A - DC Comics is publishing web comics at - it's their online imprint in the same way that Vertigo is their 'mature' imprint. Zuda adds to it's award winning roster of titles through a monthly contest of new comics.

Q - How easy is it to view and vote?
A - Super easy! Anyone can view the comics at Zuda without signing up but that's only half the fun. If you want to vote all you need is fork over your e-mail address. You'll get a confirmation e-mail and then you're in.

While you're there make sure to check out The Black Cherry Bombshells, vote for us, favorite us and leave a comment so we can tell the rest of our exciting story.

Q - Do you plan on trying to continue even if you do not win?
A - If things don't work out with Zuda we'll shop the idea around. This web comic makes a pretty good pitch for a mini or graphic novel I think.

Q - As we wrap things up, is there anything else you'd like to tell your readers about upcoming issues of The Black Cherry Bombshells; hopefully a hint or two you can share?
A - A hint? Like as to why only men were mutated into zombies? Hrmmm?
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PostSubject: Re: Interview " THE BLACK CHERRY BOMBSHELLS"   Interview " THE BLACK CHERRY BOMBSHELLS" EmptyFri Jun 13, 2008 1:08 pm

this is a very cool story line...thanks for getting me to them
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