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 The Hawkboy Way... How to make a zombie!!!

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PostSubject: The Hawkboy Way... How to make a zombie!!!   Tue May 13, 2008 12:11 pm

Here is my favourite zombie making method, you can go the other way and stick with paint and powder but if you want something really effective and impacting check out this post on how to make a zombie The Hawkboy way:

You will need:

Most of these products are Ben Nye but you can find the equivalent in many different name brands... these are the most common: 1. Spirit Gum 2. Stage Blood 3. Liquid Latex 4. Oatmeal 5. Sponges 6. Neatral set 7. Bruise Kit 8. Nose and Scar Wax

1. Use spirit gum to stick some Nose wax on the face, cover the eyebrows, raise the nose, heighten the cheekbones... use a pallet knife to smooth the wax and blend into the face... (You can also use it to make fresh wounds and scars on your zombie at this stage) 2. Seal it with liquic latex applied with a sponge... apply all about the face try not to get it in the eyes or you'll be in trouble... 3. Add oatmeat to the wet latex, you can place it carefuully but that'll take fuckin forever... 4. Apply another layer of latex over the whole thing... Use a hair dryer to foircxe it to dry, use your neutral set powder (you can use baby powder as a substitute) Use a powder puff or powder brush to remove excess powder) 5. Start the coloring process with your dark areas, the tip of the nose, the eyes, sink in areas like the cheekbones and natural folds of the face... use a clean sponge and your color wheel here... If not a color wheel go with your gut, to make a good zombie you'll need at least 4-7 different creme make-ups... 6. Use your colors, You can pat on in some areas then use lighter colors bushed across the top to use the texture of the oatmeal to highlight... Hit that sucker with another layer of powder to seal it in... if it appears grainy use adamp paper towel to help dab the excess... 7. Play with that hair, lets face it zombies have messy hair... 8. Accessorize... use the blood, zombies will have bloody mouths, blood in various wounds... add a cool wardrobe and any props (like severed limbs and fresh brains... And there you have iut a zombie... Send me your pics if you used this method, lets see how you did...

Make-up by Hawkboy... Modeled by Lady Leanne
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PostSubject: Re: The Hawkboy Way... How to make a zombie!!!   Tue May 13, 2008 12:26 pm

Thanks so much for sharing your secrets with us Hawk!!!
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The Hawkboy Way... How to make a zombie!!!
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